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Find Out About Our Legendary Customer Service – The Not-So-Secret Ingredient of Our Success

Customer service, like a dash of hot sauce, is the ingredient that makes customers love us.

I like – no, I love – to eat fish. Freshly caught, battered, and deep fried. Really, there’s nothing better.

There is, though, one little, special thing I do that makes all the difference. I learned this trick from my sister many years ago . . . and that is to add a few quick dashes of hot sauce the milk-and-egg mix the fish fillets are dipped in before they go into the cornmeal-and-flour breading.

Don’t worry: it doesn’t make the fish hot. Rather, it just contributes an extra zest and tang that enlivens the taste. It’s a small added ingredient that makes all the difference between ho-hum, run-of-the-mill fried fish and superb, extra-special fish.

Customer service is much like that for a business . . .

There is a family-owned appliance store in my town. They have the same name-brand appliances that you can find anywhere else, and their prices are competitive, but not notably below anyone else’s.

But what they offer is far more important than all that – top-notch customer service.

On one occasion, for example, my oven wouldn’t light. So I went to this store and talked to the owner. He patiently listened to my oven’s symptoms, discussed my options, and then prescribed a cure – a new igniter. He then sold me the igniter – at cost – and explained how to install it. Soon I was back in business and baking away.

Now that’s customer service. And the reason I use only that store for all my appliance needs now.

And that is also the kind of thing we strive to do at Wholesale For Everyone – providing the kind of customer service that brings customers back time and time again.

customer service secret ingredient


Customer Service AND Discount Prices at Wholesale For Everyone’s

Wholesale For Everyone is an online store where you do not need coupons and special deals and promo codes and the like. You don’t need all that when you can get significant, daily, round-the-clock discounts on all items all the time – along with free shipping (with exclusive membership). 

That’s exactly what Wholesale For Everyone offers. And, really, it just can’t get any better than that. Unless, of course, you also count our superior customer service.

No matter your buying needs, we’ve got you covered with a buying structure that caters to different audiences – as well as the kind of superior customer service that makes the whole experience a pleasure.

From discounts on single items to even bigger discounts on volume orders, we cater to all buying styles. Wholesale For Everyone is your one-stop shop. And we’ve got the quantity to accommodate all you power buyers, too.

Wholesale For Everyone offers a tiered buying structure that caters to different buying audiences with different volume needs . . . with discounts on any and all quantities. The more you buy, the more you save.

That’s all good, of course, but you can find similar things elsewhere as well. We go the extra mile and add the special ingredient that makes for excellence – the kind of customer service that makes working with us a pleasure.

Customers Speak About Our Customer Service

Above all, we value our customers. That’s why we always strive to provide superior customer service and to give back by supporting worthy causes when we can.

Just listen to what our customers have to say about our products and our superior customer service. . .

The Queen’s Cups – Pupcakes and Bandanas

customer service pupcakes

Renee Diaz founded The Queen’s Cups seven years ago when she was only 23 years old. It is a Worcester, MA, bakery specializing in cupcakes. And Renee has been selling Pupcakes for the past five years.

“But just what is a Pupcake,” you ask. Well, it’s a cupcake for dogs, as the name suggests. But, really, it’s more than that.

Basically, a pupcake is a human-edible cupcake with a Milk Bone-like dog treat placed on top. It is made with healthy ingredients like peanut butter, honey, oats, and carrots and made to look appealing to pets and their owners. You can eat them if you want, but then your pups won’t get theirs.

Typically, dog owners buy their pets Pupcakes to celebrate their birthdays and other special occasions. And many people come in daily to get their dog a Pupcake because . . . well, just because. In addition, the popularity of Pupcakes has resulted in some well received spin-off dog treats such as big sellers like the Nutella cookies and chocolate chip cookies.

So, The Queen’s Cups isn’t your typical cupcake-producing bakery. Nope, not in the least. Because the Queen’s Cups is a dog-friendly bakery, it has that special, added dimension that is so rare.

It was only natural, then, that they would get involved in the hottest trend in pet accessories – dog bandanas. They thought it would be a nifty marketing idea, but on mentioning it to customers, they were surprised at the response. Customers said they wanted the dog bandanas and would buy them.

Now, you can go to The Queen’s Cups, get yourself a sweet treat, get your dog a Pupcake, and set your pet up with some cool new pet attire.

To keep customers happy and their pets fetchingly attired, the folks at Queen’s Cup had to get their bandanas somewhere. So as the idea for dog bandanas took shape, they (naturally) Googled “dog bandanas.” And one of the top results they got was for Wholesale for Everyone. They ordered some, and that clinched the deal.

When asked why Queen’s Cups now gets all their dog bandanas from Wholesale For Everyone, Barbara King (Renee’s Mother and second in command) had a ready answer: “Price and awesome customer service. They are,” she said, “very easy to work with.”

Here’s an example . . .

Renee first ordered 60 bandanas from Wholesale For Everyone – without knowing that an order of 72 would get her significant savings. So Dan Weaver at Wholesale For Everyone called her up and advised her to wait a bit on the order. He added another 12 bandanas to the first order so that Renee could get them at a much cheaper price.

And another time, Renee placed an order for larger bandanas. So, again, Dan called and advised ordering a variety of sizes so that they could try them out and see what worked best – instead of ordering a large quantity of a single size that might not work.

Barbara summed it up like this: “Dan at Wholesale For Everyone was looking out for our best interests.”

The Mardi Gras Yellow Penalty Flag Throw

customer service mardi gras

Consider also Sean Gautreaux and the latest trend in Mardi Gras throws (you know, the beads, medallions, and so on thrown out to the crowds from the floats) . . .

Just a few days after that January 20 NFC Championship Game, when the yellow flag did not fly, Sean was talking to Mardi Gras float painter Danny Corio.

They were discussing the final touches for a parade they were working on. Danny had been listening to discussions of the game on sports talk radio while painting. It sparked an idea that he mentioned to Sean, but didn’t have time to follow up on right then.

Shortly after that, though, the Captain of the parade (the head or person in charge) was in the warehouse where the Mardi Gras floats are stored (called the “den”). He was talking and complaining about the rising cost of Mardi Gras throws – that is, the items tossed out from floats to the eager hands of spectators, usually things like plastic beads, cups, doubloons, and stuffed animals.

Then the idea hit.

It would be the perfect way to laugh in the face of that football tragedy, to give it an ironic twist and wring out a little humor. And that would be a Mardi Gras throw that was the penalty flag never thrown in the game. So Sean went to work.

After finding local fabric stores an unreliable source for the needed materials, Sean did like all of us and went online. He conducted a Google search for “yellow cotton squares.”

At the top of the search results was Wholesale For Everyone, as well a likely looking competitor on the first page. After doing a quick comparison, Sean found that Wholesale For Everyone (WFE) was more professional and had the competitive prices he needed and so the competitor was ruled out.

Here’s the process Sean used to select Wholesale For Everyone as his supplier for the raw materials for Mardi Gras penalty flag throws.

“The competition’s site was either antiquated or non-professional or both. WFE had at the top of their page the 1-800 number and seemed welcome to phone calls. The competitor’s site mentioned that ordering calls were not welcome and the number was only for customer service after the order was placed. So, if I ordered from the competitor, would the shipment get lost in the mail or be late? I needed these flags made fast.”

And there’s more: “I called up WFE and spoke to Jeff. Boom, order placed, and I had the flag material in days. They even waved the shipping cost. I placed another order. Boom, I had that order in a few days as well.

“Yesterday morning, I placed an order for 640 pieces. An hour later, I called back to revise the order and add 60 pieces to it. No problem. The pieces were out the door yesterday, in the mail at a very reasonable standard shipping cost, and will be at my door tomorrow, 2 days later.”

Speed and accuracy, top ingredients in top-notch customer service, were paramount. “Mardi Gras is March 5th, and the riders need to get their flags in time to decorate them with time to spare. WFE delivered. Why would I order from anyone else?”

Windmill Inn and Chisholm Trail

chisholm trail

Deb Sanders and her husband, Tim, opened the doors of the Windmill Inn, a bed and breakfast, in 1991.

Prior to this, they spent two years remodeling her grandfather’s house for this purpose – a “1917 Prairie Style four-square home . . . surrounded by acres of rich, fertile farmland and nestled in the grassland region of the Flint Hills, just moments from historic Abilene, Kansas. The home was built by Deb’s grandfather Henry Delker as a wedding gift to his bride Emma. They raised their family here and occupied the home until 1989.”

From her involvement with Abilene’s Convention & Visitors Bureau, Deb realized that the Chisholm Trail, with all its fascinating local history, could be and should be another big tourist draw. So she discussed it with her husband. Then they hopped into their car and headed down the trail to check it out – to Wichita at the confluence of the rivers, across Oklahoma, and down through Texas.

Deb’s next step was to start the CT 150 Group, so named because 2017 marked the 150th anniversary of the first Chisholm Trail drive to Abilene.

The group promotes the Chisholm Trail and Abilene’s historic place in it as the terminus. This group is also working to get a National Parks bill passed (which has been in the works since 2007) to have the Chisholm Trail, along with the Western Trail, designated as National Trails.

The CT 150 Group’s success can also be seen in the return of the Chisholm Trail Days to Old Abilene Town. This celebration features longhorns paraded through Old Abilene Town and then loaded onto rail cars just like they used to be, along with many other events and activities. Period costumes and accoutrements make the celebration complete and authentic.

What would a remembrance of the Chisholm Trail and a revival of Abilene’s part in it be without a trail ride?

This year marks the first for a commemorative trail ride following a portion of the Chisholm Trail in Kansas. The riders, 125 of them so far, will start off at Caldwell, Kansas. They’ll ride for four days and finish up their ride south of Wichita following the same path as the Chisholm Trail. This event will even be covered by RFD-TV.

Word got about and enthusiasm grew for this trail ride without any marketing at all. That’s what sparked Deb’s interest.

As a result, she has been negotiating for Abilene segments on the planned RFD_TV program. It also caused her to conceive her bandana-distribution idea as a way to get the riders to see and possibly ride more of the Chisholm Trail.

She would like them to see, for example, the natural waterfall at Elm Springs, fifteen miles south of Abilene, where the cowboys took their “showers” after the long, dusty drive before heading into town for a little well deserved fun.

So Deb and the other members of the 150 Group began discussing what they could get for the riders as a souvenir and an enticement to come to Abilene. Deb wanted to get specially designed bandanas (that essential piece of cowboy apparel) to distribute to the riders at Caldwell. So she got a budget from the group’s director, and the thing was set in motion.

But she still needed to find a supplier and printer for the bandanas . . .

So Deb contacted Dan Weaver at Wholesale For Everyone. (She did contact other suppliers, but they didn’t respond.) Dan, she said, willingly worked with her on colors and size and helped her hammer out delivery logistics.

Here’s what she had to say about Dan Weaver and Wholesale For Everyone’s customer service: “Dan was really helpful. He worked hard with me to get the artwork where it needed to be. And he promised on-time delivery.”

Camp Quality Michigan and Keepsake Bandanas

camp quality michigan keepsake bandanas

For the kids who attend Camp Quality Michigan, the camp experience is a whole lot more than just some outdoor activities for a week – providing help in dealing the physical and emotional challenges they face when battling cancer.

This camp is designed to ensure that “every child who has been diagnosed with cancer can not only have a summer camp experience, but year-round programs to enhance their quality of life and encourage family time.” Camp Quality Michigan has only one overarching goal: “Letting kids with cancer be kids again.”

Debra Simpson is a Program Coordinator for Camp Quality Michigan. Really, Debra epitomizes what Camp Quality Michigan is all about and the people who give their time to these special kids.

Debra is no stranger to cancer herself. In 2009, she was diagnosed with the disease – but she beat it.

As a cancer survivor, Debra knew she wanted to get involved in the cancer cause in some way. She worked at a middle school, had always loved children, and her sons had been involved in the Boy Scouts. So after much prayer and looking around, it was only natural – perhaps Providential – that she would find and get involved with Camp Quality Michigan.

After finding Camp Quality Michigan, Debra started off as golf-cart driver, helping kids get around and enjoy the camp experience. It wasn’t long though, as her involvement and commitment deepened, till she move up to Program Coordinator.

Debra is also a driving force behind a new activity. This year the kids will have the chance to custom tie die their own keepsake bandanas donated by Dan Weaver and Wholesale for Everyone.

The 150 donated white bandanas will be used for one of the arts and crafts activities. The kids will get to tie die their white bandana in whatever way suits them. So they get to create their own memento of their experience at Camp Quality Michigan – to be kept as a souvenir, worn as a head covering, or both.

Ashley Gibson and Shelter-Dog Bandanas

customer service dog bandanas

The mission statement for McKamey Animal Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee: “We create a culture of compassionate care, community engagement and advocacy for animals by providing programs and education that support people and companion animals.”

They do that by offering a constellation of valuable programs and by having a small army of passionate, dedicated volunteers – like Ashley Gibson.

Thanks to Ashley and the other committed volunteers – as well as Ashley’s custom-made dog bandanas that help make the dogs more noticeable – McKamey has had some recent success in adopting out some of their long-term residents. Two of these are Spunky, who had been the shelter for 275+ days, and Blossom, who had been there 308 days.

As we told you in “Hope and Bandanas for Shelter Dogs at McKamey,” Ashley makes special bandanas for the dogs to help them get noticed and get adopted.

In fact, she made a batch of over 30 the last time. The dogs wear the bandanas so that they can be all dressed up when people come to McKamey to see them. Now, though, to keep the bandanas clean, Ashley says they are going to tie them to the kennels to identify the dogs. They will, however, still wear them for special events.

We also asked Ashley why she gets all her bandanas from Wholesale For Everyone. It is, she said, pretty simple really. She can buy in bulk and get great prices and great customer service. “If you have any needs or want to do special things, they have the best prices for bulk orders.”

What keeps her coming back is the great customer service, the fact that they are very giving and very caring people.

Ashley said, “I feel like they are a proponent of paying it forward and supporting good causes. Wholesale For Everyone is not just a business, and their bottom line is not just a dollar. They pay it forward and support good causes.”

Additional Benefits – Much More Than Customer Service

In addition to quality products, wholesale prices, and great customer service, we also offer free custom printing and custom embroidery.

And while buying in bulk means significant savings, the benefits go far beyond that. When you sign up for our exclusive membership, you get special privileges and access to offers like . . .

  • Free shipping
  • No minimum purchase
  • Wider product selection
  • Soon-to-come special services
  • Alerts about featured items

Wholesale For Everyone really is for everyone – everyone who wants to buy quality products, save money, and experience our legendary customer service.

Buying by the dozen is the most profitable, so reach out today and set up a wholesale account. And get started experiencing our legendary customer service.