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Rock Your Look with these 5 Best Hat Videos

The best hat worn properly can enhance your look.

Hats are back. Men’s hats were once ubiquitous – almost all men wore a hat everywhere, all the time. Just check out any old photos or movies from, say, the 1940s (or even the 1960s in some areas) or earlier. But if you’re like me, you’ve always worn one, regardless of the then-current fashion of hatlessness.

Don’t believe me about the resurgence in popularity? Then just consider . . .

“According to Gath D’Silva, head of design at The Jacket Maker, who makes bespoke ready-to-wear leather jackets, ‘Men’s hats have made a comeback in a big and multi-faceted way, with a particular style of hat for practically every personal style, outfit, and mood.

‘Hats to one’s wardrobe is what throw pillows are to a living room sofa. It adds that oomph and style that is a small element having a major impact'” (The Vivant).

And . . .

Patrick Morrison, founder of luxury British accessories brand Furious Goose, has on opinion too.

He says, “In old photographs every man, from the banker to the street urchin, would be wearing a hat. . . . [W]hen you do wear a hat you really make a statement. People are definitely going to notice so make sure your headgear is worth noticing” (The Vivant).


Wearing a Cap Wrong

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I was (and still am) into ball caps in a big way. But I did it wrong and looked . . . well, pretty goofy.

The problem was that with my face shape and body type the hats I wore made me look worse instead of better. The only statement I made was that I didn’t know how to choose the right hat for me, one that would complement what I was born with.

I was wearing caps with a tall crown and a big bill. I have, though, a small head and small oval face, as well as a small build and narrow shoulders. So with the style of cap I was wearing, the emphases were all wrong, accentuating my worst features and downplaying my better ones.

But now I know better. And you too can find out the secrets doing headwear the right way. Now more than ever is the time to get the best hat.

Getting the Best Hat Right

Here, then, are the top 5 videos that will show you how to select the best hat with a style, shape, and size that will work with your face shape and body type.

1. Finding the Best Hat: Consider Your Face Shape and Body Type

2. How to Avoid Looking Weird

3. How to Rock the Best Hat

4. How to Complement Your Face Shape

5. What Is Best for Your Head?

What’s Next?

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