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Bandana Halloween Costume Ideas

Fun and Easy Bandana Halloween Costumes When You’re Short on Time

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The bandana halloween costume can save Halloween for you.

Bandanas are the perfect complement and accessory for easy-to-assemble Halloween costumes that you can make from things you already have.

Whether you’re shooting for scary, cute, historical, or just unique, you can do it by including a bandana, especially as the focal point of your costume.

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Halloween and Halloween parties are just around the corner. And if you’re like most of us, you are far from ready. That’s why we’re suggesting the bandana for a bandana Halloween costume.

You could, of course, run down to Walmart and buy some ready-made costumes, but they’re usually way overpriced and will probably get just one use. In 2018, Americans spent $3.2 billion – that’s billion – on Halloween costumes, with 20% of them buying costumes for their pets (The Balance).

And even if you don’t want to shell out all that cash on a one-shot costume, you may not have the time or inclination or skill to sew your own elaborate Halloween costumes. Sewing Halloween costumes presents some special challenges: “For those of us that are experienced seamstresses, we may find that we are not familiar with sewing with some of the special fabrics that show up in the stores around Halloween. For example, how many times in your life do you think you will actually have the need to sew with faux fur? Or hot pink leopard faux fur for that matter?”

You do have another option, though.


Bandana Halloween Costume Possibilities

Most of the time (but not always, as you’ll see), the bandana serves as headwear in the costume. So let’s take a quick tour through some possibilities . . .

From Hipster to Rhianna to Punk Rocker

Donna from That ’70s Show

Pirate for Kids

DIY Halloween Costumes with Bandanas

Now, let’s get into the DIY Halloween costumes built around bandanas.

A DIY bandana Halloween costume may be exactly what you need for your next Halloween costume!

Whether you’re short on money, short on time, or just like the satisfaction of making things yourself, you can’t go wrong building costumes around the accessory you probably already have – the bandana. The reason? “With a simple bandana, you can create a slew of fashion-forward, easy, and memorable Halloween costumes, form Rosie the Riveter to a fortune teller to one of Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen’s iconic look in the ’90’s” (

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Village People Cowboy

Has there ever been a better, more energetic sing-along song than the Village People’s “YMCA”? Now you can capture a little of that fun nostalgia with a group of friends dressed as the Village People characters. For the cowboy character, all you need is a cheap cowboy hat and cowboy boots, shirt and jeans (or shorts), and, of course, a red paisley bandana neckerchief.

Axl Rose

Or if your taste in rock music tends toward the louder and harder, you can put together an Axl Rose costume – with that signature bandana on your head. This is a great idea for couples, one dressing as Axl and the other as Slash.

Rosie the Riveter

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Rosie the Riveter is, of course, the iconic emblem of women taking their rightful place in the workforce. All you need is a bandana for your head and a denim shirt or denim jumpsuit to make a statement and look pretty darn cool.


Or if you’re a little more adventurous and have a little sewing skill, you can create a Beyonce bandana halter top Halloween costume. You can bet the buys will all recognize it at the Halloween party.


“Wear your hair down and add curls if you can.” Wrap a bandana around your head, and tie it at the side, with “the knot on the side of your head. Wear a long skirt and a flowing shirt if you have them. Loosen up your belt and let it hang around your waist over your skirt to give it more of a Bohemian look. If you have gold jewelry or hoop earrings, wear them. You don’t need the marker on this one, unless you’re super creative and want to draw on some gypsy jewelry.”

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