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Bandana Arts and Crafts Project Ideas

5 Easy Bandana Craft Projects You’ll Love

The simplicity of the bandana – nothing more than a cotton square – is the primary attribute that makes it so versatile. And that versatility-from-simplicity is what makes bandana craft projects both fun and easy. Here are just a few of the many things you can make when creating your bandana craft projects…

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The bandana is much more than it appears to be. Although just a simple square piece of fabric, it goes back to the founding of our country and has had a prominent place in several political campaigns since. And its most common pattern can even be traced all the way back to ancient Persia. There’s more though . . .

Bandanas played a key role in the most famous (and highly illegal) bare-knuckle boxing match of all time, as well as galvanizing players and energizing fans so that the Minnesota Twins could win the World Series in 1987. Red bandanas also had a vital unifying function in the worker’s rights movement of the early 20th century and gave us the term “redneck.” And that small square cloth was an essential piece of cowboy attire – one that survival sometimes depended on – during the late 19th century cattle drives.

Moving toward today, the bandana has served variously as a group identifier in the 1970s, a sign of allegiance for urban gangs in the 80s, and a widely used accessory for musicians in the 90s. Its versatility is unparalleled because it can be used as a napkin, halter top, ice pack, wrapping paper, lampshade, and pet adornment. Today, after their use as head coverings for cancer patients, you’re most likely to find bandanas as the central element in craft projects.


Bandana Craft Projects

The simplicity of the bandana – nothing more than a cotton square – is the primary attribute that makes it so versatile. And that versatility-from-simplicity is what makes bandana craft projects both fun and easy. Here are just a few of the many things you can make when creating your bandana craft projects . . .

Bandana Skirt for Kids

A bandana skirt for kids is a great start to your bandana craft projects.

Many mothers simply can’t resist the urge to make unique and adorable outfits for their kids, especially when they get a chance to

How to make a bandana skirt
Bandana Skirt from V and CO.

make those outfits from out-of-the-ordinary materials and supplies. If you’re one of those moms, check out this cute and easy-to-make bandana skirt. The elastic top makes it suitable for kids of different sizes and makes it easy for them to get the skirt on and off. A bandana skirt in the traditional red paisley pattern makes an utterly adorable skirt for your little ones.

Bandana Tote Bag

One of your innovative bandana craft projects can be a bandana tote bag.

You can never have enough tote bags, particularly if you have small children. And your tote bags shouldn’t be drab, humdrum affairs. Whenever you have enough of them, you’ll be able to accessorize with just the right tote bag no matter the season or occasion. Besides, this ring-handled tote bag is easy to make and is functionally attractive. Why not carry all those odds and ends in a cute bandana tote bag?

Bandana Pillow Cover

Another innovative idea for your bandana craft projects is a bandana pillow cover.

Bandanas are perfect for making throw-pillow covers. First, they are exactly the right size to fit a standard throw pillow, and, second, the variety of available colors and patterns makes the possibilities nearly endless. Keep in mind too that if you shop for your craft supplies in the right place, you can get plenty of quality bandanas at wholesale prices.

These super-easy pillow covers are a simplified version of the envelope-type cover. Nothing adds pleasant accents and a splash of color to a room like strategically placed throw pillows. Once you get started on your bandana pillow covers, you may not want to stop.

Bandana Door Wreath

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The holidays are coming, and you don’t want to get left behind when it comes to decorating. So here’s a great idea for a different kind of holiday wreath – a bandana door wreath. The great thing about this wreath is that you can use it for more than one holiday because it’s made from bandanas and not evergreen or holly branches. You just need some bandanas and a crafting hoop, and then you use a simple wrap-and-loop technique to make your festively unconventional door wreath. Again, with all the bandana sizes, colors, and patterns available today, the possibilities are as wide as your imagination and creativity.

Bandana Apron

Have you ever considered a bandana apron as one of your bandana craft projects?

If you’re a beginner or just have limited time, here’s a simple bandana sewing project. The end result is a cute apron with useful pockets that you made yourself from a few bandanas and some ribbon. Bandanas, after all, are perfect for quick sewing projects because all the edges are already hemmed for you, which means you can put together one of these aprons in just 30 minutes or less. You can make smaller versions for the kids or larger ones for yourself.

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