You are currently viewing Valentine’s Day – Want to Know the Number-One Foolproof Tip for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift?

Valentine’s Day – Want to Know the Number-One Foolproof Tip for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so…

Guy’s, don’t blow it. Don’t forget or procrastinate and then rush out at the last minute to buy those cliched flowers and then tack on a grudging offer for a dinner out. There is, though, one gift that will make you a Valentine’s-gift champion every time. It’s inexpensive, and you can get it with just a few clicks online.

But why are we just targeting the guys? Well, that’s because, whether we like to admit it or not, Valentine’s Day is a woman’s holiday. (Come on, ladies, you know that’s true.) And, guys, you know that a whole lot hangs on getting Valentine’s Day Gift right. So you need to know this number-one, stupid-simple trick to help you make the day a success with the perfect Valentine’s gift. And, no, it’s not candy or flowers or jewelry.


Tips for Choosing the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

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There’s no shortage of advice, both good and bad, on selecting Valentine’s Day gifts. A Google search for “how to choose perfect Valentine gift” yielded nearly 405,000,000 results. That’s well over four million results to wade through to find the advice you may desperately need.

Don’t worry, though. We’ve distilled it and picked out the common threads running through it all, such as . . .

Shows Thought Invested and That You Care

Make sure the Valentine’s day gift is one that shows you’ve really that about what she likes and wants, as well as demonstrating the fact that you care about her.

NOT Practical

You may be lusting after that new fishing rod or socket set, but something that practical will not impress your significant female other. Simply put: she will not see something practical as a real gift.

Demonstrates That You Listened

The perfect Valentine’s day gift should demonstrate that you have listened to her – that you have been paying attention to and picked up on all those subtle hints. You may think communication is overrated, but your wife or girlfriend doesn’t.

Dollar Value Doesn’t Equal Success

Also, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the more you spend on the gift, the better it will be received. Emotional value often matters more than the dollar value.

NOT Predictable

We are creatures of habit, so if a certain kind of gift worked one year, we tend to think it will work again. But women value spontaneity and surprises. You need, then, to make sure there’s an element of unpredictability in your gift

Personalized is Better

Any time you can give a Valentine’s day gift that is personalized in some way, the better off you’ll be. (Remember that first tip about putting thought into the gift?)

Must Be Meaningful

The perfect Valentine’s day gift has to be meaningful to the recipient. A meaningful gift means to your wife or girlfriend that you have put something of yourself into it, which is what they really want rather than the physical object itself.

The Experience Matters

As we just mentioned, it’s not so much the gift itself that counts, but rather the experience of receiving it and the experience it creates. That could be romantic evening of some sort, but even better would be what we’re about to show you – because it keeps on creating an experience for a long time.

But first . . .

What Really Matters to Women

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Now before we get to that Valentine’s day gift that combines all the qualities mentioned above, let’s consider what really matters to women. Sorry, but you may not be at the top of the list.

Nope, what really matters is probably her dog. Consider . . .

Woman’s Best Friend

“When it comes to dogs, it seems ‘Woman’s Best Friend’ may be a more fitting title. According to a new survey that delves into the bond we have with our pups, half of all women asked said they’d rather spend time with their dog than their partner or any other member of their family” (SimpleMost).

Mothers, Children, and Dogs

“The bond between mothers and dogs is supported by results of an Italian study from the Institute of Psychology at the University of Milan suggesting the behaviors of mothers toward human infants have been co-opted for interacting with other social partners, namely, the dog. Part of this wonderful connection occurs because dogs are great observers of our behavior and of the mother/child dynamic in particular.

“When the dog acts kindly toward the child and receives praise for this effort, he is motivated to stay close to the child and insert himself into parenting duties. Some mothers report their dogs acting as baby monitors, poking them with purpose when the baby wakes from a nap. Others describe their dogs propping up toddlers, tiny hands grasping fur and skin as they learn to walk. The dog is then showered with more praise, more attention, and more treats. ” (Canine Journal).

Preferred for Sleeping

“Little girls are often taught the path to a happy life involves marrying someone and sharing a bed with them. But according to a new study, women sleep better with four-legged partners. Dogs, specifically. Scientists at Canisius College found that dogs are a woman’s best friend when it comes to getting rest — humans and cats just aren’t as good. The study looked at 962 women in the U.S. to find out if and how well they sleep with their pets. The study found 55 percent of the women shared a bed with a dog (well, at least one) and 31 percent slept with a cat” (TreeHugger).

Pet Bandanas for a Valentine’s Day Gift

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The way to man’s heart (as they say) is through his stomach, but the way to a woman’s heart, then, just maybe through her dog. So why not capitalize on the burgeoning trend of dog bandanas this Valentine’s Day?

Dogs wearing bandanas are, according to Bark & Swagger, “the hottest new fashion trend right now. Fashion bibles have decreed it; major retailers are all carrying it, in every color, print, and fabric imaginable.” This will give you an idea of just how big this phenomenon is. In 2015, Canberra, Australia, hosted the world’s largest gathering of dogs wearing bandanas to raise money for the RSPCA. This event, which had 764 bandana-adorned dogs participating, raised AU$31,000.

So the next logical step – if, that is, you really do want to find the perfect Valentine’s present – is to find out where to get bandanas for your sweetheart so she can dress up her sweetheart. But that’s easy, really: Wholesale For Everyone.

Your Next Step for Valentine’s Success . . .

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